Laurelstone Soaps

Round Soaps 

That Soften Your Skin

3 Oz $6.00 each/ 2 Oz $4.00 each


All Natural, Round Soaps with Essential Oils

(Goat's Milk & Vitamin E)


Skin Softening, Round Lavender soaps, with Essential oil, goat's milk and vitamin E.

           3 oz or more, $6.00

           2 oz or more, $4.00

Unscented Round Soaps. Pure & Natural with Skin Softening goat's milk soap, and vitamin E.

          3 oz or more $6.00 each

          2 oz or more, $4.00 each 

Round Patchouli soaps with essential oil, skin softening goat's milk & Vitamin E. 

          3 oz or more $6.00 each


Tea Tree, round, skin softening soaps with essential oil, goat's milk & Vitamin E. 

         3 oz or more $6.00 each

         2 oz or more $4.00 each

Round Soaps (with Fragrance Oils), Goat's Milk & Vitamin E

Citrus Splash, a delightful combination of essential oils +1 small amount of fragrance oil to ground the scent. Skin softening with goat's milk & Vitamin E.

          3 oz or more $6.00 each

Cucumber Melon scented (with fragrance oil), round soaps that soften your skin due to the goat's milk & Vitamin E in them. 

          2 oz or more $4.00 each

Frankincense scented round soaps (with fragrance oil). Skin Softening with goat's milk & Vitamin E.

          2 oz or more $4.00 each

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