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Laurelstone Soaps

Gift Sets


Each bar contains Goat's Milk & Vitamin E for a luxurious, wonderful feeling soap!



Bay Rum Gift Set:

1 Bay Rum Goat's Milk Soap

1 Unscented Goat's Milk Soap

1 Cucumber Melon Goat's Milk Soap


       Each bar is 4 oz or more.


      (Normally $20.00)


Essential Oils Gift Set:

1 Lemon essential oil soap.

1 Rose (Rose-Geranium) essential oil soap.

1 Tea Tree & Lime essential oil soap.

            Each bar is 5 oz or more. 


            (Normally $23.00)      

Essential Oils 2 Pack Gift Set:

1 Lemon Essential Oil Soap.

1 Tea Tree & Lime Essential Oil Soap.


            Each bar is 5 oz or more.


             (Normally $16.00)

Flowers & Rain Gift Set:

1 Gardenia Goat's Milk Soap

1 Rain Goat's Milk Soap

1 Lilac Goat's Milk Soap


     4 oz. or more each


    (Normally $20.00)


Oregon Collection Gift Set:

1 Oregon Huckleberry Skin Softening Soap

1 Oregon Rain Skin Softening Soap

1 Orgon Lilac Skin Softening Soap

         4 oz or more each

               $20.00 each. 

        (Normally $23.00)


Oregon in the Woods Gift Set:

1 Oregon Rain Goat's Milk Soap

1 Huckleberry Goat's Milk Soap

1 Lemon Verbena Goat's Milk Soap


         4 oz or more each

                $17.50 each.

         (Normally $20.00)


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Soap Odds & Ends

Sold out

Soap Odds & Ends

Collection of various side/end pieces. 4-5 fragrances of Goat's Milk Soap in each box (depending on how many will fit in the box). 

         4 oz or more total            
               $6.00 Each