You may also rate it by using ***** (5 being the highest).  Thank you so much!

~Chelsea, Portland

I discovered these soaps at the Clackamas County Fair more than 10 years ago. And I will not go back to regular soaps. I don’t like the overly dry feeling regular soap leaves on your hands. Or the persistent scent some of them have.

These soaps are so gentle, both in scent and in feel, that it just can’t compare in my book! I’ve used them on my face and body. And I love that the bars last so long! Months! Thank you for a delightful product!



~KW, Sherwood, Or

I too, have been using your soap for years and years. I wouldn’t use any other, have tried others, but I always go back to yours!

~Roxanna, Milwaukie, Or.

I have used only your soap on my face for nearly 30 years.  People don't believe I am 65 because my skin is so smooth and unlined.  I use two bars a year.  And your soap makes the BEST Christmas and birthday gifts. 


~Karen, Washington

I can't use regular soap on my sensitive skin, but absolutely love yours!  Its the only thing I've found that I can use without any problem.


~John, Sherwood, Oregon

My wife loves your soap and has requeted more for Christmas!  I'm so glad to find something she likes so well! Keep up the good work!


~Shelly, Wes Linn, Oregon

Your soap feels so soft on my skin and lasts much longer than other soaps! I love them! Please don't ever stop making them!


~Linda, Oregon 

I'm totally hooked on your soap and products!


~Denise, Oregon

I love the Goats milk soap for my daughters who have sensitive dry skin.


~Laurel B, Vancouver, Wa.

Hi! There was only one problem with your soaps!  They last forever!!!! HaHa.  I loved them! Time for more! Thank you so much!!!



I became acquainted with your soap at the Clackamas county fair this year.  I am a soap fanatic and am always looking for new ones to try.  I bought your Goat's milk lilac and it is AWESOME! It is so smooth, silky and smells wonderful.  I am in LOVE with the quality and feel of your soap Laurie.  Whatever you have been doing to get them to this have done it right.  I also have a bar of gardenia to try net.  I am telling all my soap loving friends about your website and creamy soaps.  Thank you and so happy I found them.