Oud of Mystery Sented Soap 5 oz

Oud of Mystery scent soap with Skin Softening goat's milk and vitamin e.     

               5 oz or more

       Skin Softning $7.00 each

Oud of Mystery is actually Tobacco Oud.  It does not smell anything like tobacco.  It has a deep, rich manly flavor to it.  Not being a smoker, or liking the smell of tobacco, this is one of my favorites!

Ingredients: Tallow, spring water, sodium hydroxide, lard, goats milk, fragrance, sugar, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, citric acid (for prevention of soap scum in tub).

Colors: Brown oxide. Orange-Yellow Mica (mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide). Black Mica (mica, titanium dioxide, ferric acid, absorptive pigment). Dazzling Copper (mica, iron oxide). Radioactive Green (just a name, not actually radioactive!) (polyester 3, green pigment 7.

Glitter: polyethylene terephthalate, acrylates, copolymer.