Desert Rose Scented Soap Discontinued 5 oz


Desert Rose.  Scented with essential oil. Enriched with skin softening Goat's Milk and vitamin E.

               More than 5 oz

          Discontinued Design 

     $6.00 each. (Normally $7.00)

This bar looks rather rustic and has a shadow of a heart in it, but feels absolutely awesome with the rhubarb colorant in it!


Ingredients: Tallow, spring water, sodium hydroxide, lard, goats milk, essential oil, sugar, lemon juice, vitamin E, sweet almond oil.

Colors: Glitter (polyethylene terephthalate, acrylates, copolymer).

"Luxurious" instead of  "Skin Softening" because most natural colorants are not approved for cosmetics by the FDA, therefore they do not allow us to mention how beneficial the product is for your skin. (Most often in these,  it is a tiny bit of activated charcoal powder to darken a color.)

Natural Color: Himalayan Rhubarb.