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Cucumber Melon

Cucumber Melon scented Soap.  Skin Softening with goat's milk and vitamin E.

           5 oz or more/$7.95 each.

           4 oz or more/$6.95 each.

Cool, crisp, refreshing and moisturizing! 

Ingredients: Tallow, spring water, sodium hydroxide, lard, goats milk, fragrance, sugar, citric acid, vitamin E, sweet almond oil.

Colors: Titanium Dioxide. Pearl Green Mica (mica, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide green). Pumpkin Head Mica (mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide). Maniacle Pea Mica (mica, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide green). Glitter (polyethylene terephthalate, acrylates, copolymer).